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Thread: When does ROA2 begin?

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    Default When does ROA2 begin?

    I see just about every other domain has gotten their ROA2 start. When are we starting ours? It says on the blog that the starts will span from 2/15 to 3/15.

    Seeing as we are about two weeks away from the latest point it could start, we're getting into the unprofessional zone of not letting us have decent notice before a server starts...

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    The Blog post is not quite correct with the final start times.

    There are still 22 RoA servers to start in march.

    US will be one of the final few RoA server starts. Awaiting HQ to confirm dates but it is expected week beginning 13th March along with BG EG HR SK IR NO NL domains which are also awaiting the start of S20 that week

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    We still looking like the week of the 13th?

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    Yes Starts on the 15th

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    lol asleep at the wheel...

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