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Thread: Thank you Dire Doggo

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    Default Thank you Dire Doggo

    Recipient: Dire Doggo

    Subject:thank you

    Sent:today, 21:13

    I heard the word delete.

    I don't know if its true but I want you to know you have really earned the respect of a lot of good players.

    My involvement was started by a joke as at the time you was the biggest and badest player on our block.

    You can thank Namoo for that -- he had never seen badger raiding and never seen me play with it. What that did was show others that possibility's existed especially with the lack of help from your team.

    To me -- your a pro and a very good sport.

    So from a hummable little badger raider.

    Hats off to you and thank you for the fun.


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    I agree Dire is a pro and was really happy to play against such a good player. Take care

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    Dire Doggo, you dear sir caused me many a sleepless nights. You are a worthy opponent indeed.
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    If you actually deleting, good game, and thanks for being a worthy opponent.

    Despite what DA says, we won't question your integrity if you are indeed deleting. Hope you will return to fight us again next round.

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    I don't think he's deleting. But if he does he was a worthy and respectable opponent who deserved better than what either GONE or I gave him. I hope to see him, Twist, and Monster on future rounds.

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