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Thread: Spot the difference

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    Lightbulb Detective Kogoro Mouri on the case!

    Hmmmmm.. Lets do some investigating

    1) The cloud in the upper left corner
    2) The drink drop of the teuton paladin
    3) the house in the back
    4) the string above the bee
    5) the tree behind the village
    6) tree leaves behind the woman
    7) the woman's bracelet
    8) the hat of the gaul phalanx
    9) extra green pea on the entrée
    10) the left shoulder of the roman legionnaire armor

    Aaaaaaand.... Case closed.

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    Top image only has two clouds, bottom picture has three clouds (by the mountain)
    Top image has a building on top of a hill, bottom picture does not
    Top image has two lines being divided by a white cloud thing, bottom image has the white cloud thing and one line underneath --bottom image is missing one of the lines
    Top image has the blond man have a hat with a point, bottom image has the hat without the point
    Top image has the woman's bracelet that touches the table have a squiggle across, bottom image has that bracelet without the squiggle
    Top image has two trees by the lake (next to a small hill in the distance, as seen between the two blonds), bottom image has only one tree by the lake
    Top image has the brown haired man on the far left hold a cup with drop flying off, bottom image does not have that drop

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    I circled the differences in red.

    The lower picture is also a lighter shade than the top.

    And it is positioned slightly lower than the top as well.

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    the bee and the string is not the same something on the hill trees by the lake the clouds beside the mountain

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    Post I spot the differences

    1. The cloud from the left.
    2. The building on the mountain
    3. The stuff over the cloud that is above the bee.
    4. The tree by the Lake, There is one instead of two.
    5. The bunch of leaves on the tree of the right SIDE.
    6. There is a extra para on the Olate.
    7. The Drop of juice of the horn from the first male that is n the left SIDE.

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    Default Differences

    House on hill
    Spike on helmet
    Trees by the lake
    Spike above the bee
    Leaves of the left tree
    Color differences of the trees
    Lady's bracelet
    Armor rivet

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    Default I got it!

    Here are the differences:

    1. Top photo is missing the farthest left cloud that is present in the bottom photo.

    2. Bottom photo is missing the cabin at the top of the hill in front of the mountain base that is present in the top photo.

    3. Bottom photo is missing the far right tree at the lakefront that is present in the top photo.

    4. Bottom photo is missing the spike on the Teuton's helmet that is present in the top photo.

    5. Bottom photo is missing the line above the little piece of white above the flying bee that is present in the top photo.

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    The Hill in Back ground, clouds, The Bee, Too many peas on plate, soldiers armor. trees by Lake

    Man on left's Drink, clouds, Bee, Trees by lake, soldiers armor. Peas on plate. Hill behind middle couple, Maid's Left Gauntlet, Man in green's Helmet spike

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    Differences between top photo and bottom photo:

    1. Trail on top of cloud above bee.

    2. Point on hat of person 2nd from the right (next to woman).

    3. Different wrist bracelet on the woman.

    4. Village on top of hill in background.
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    Point on top of hat - one tree missing in background - wheat cart on hill missing

    JPVince aka Ledfoot

    also found clouds different
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    Default Answer

    1: A black spot near the mountains
    2: The white line above the bee
    3: The pattern on the girls bracers

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    Differences outlined in red

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    There were 10 Differences (not including the cropping issues)

    The Winner was @daz

    The 3 runners up were: @MooseRamProf @Zoin @Beep

    Please can those people contact me with a US server to be credited with gold
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    thanks ! playing on us 4, nickname : Daz

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