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    Default T4 Changelog

    Hello all - I'll be working to have a changelog here on the .us forum, and I'll do my best to keep it updated. I'm going to start by posting the changes that have happened since update "Dinah" which was posted on March 11, 2012, here: T4 Changelog Dinah.


    The first changelog after "Dinah" was a clarification of some of the changes made with that update:

    * New calculation for artworks with different speeds

    This will take effect only in the final tournament server. Because for 1x speed and 3x speed there is no difference in the result of the calculation. And we wont change the calculation on the already running qualification servers.

    * New prevention of crop dead lock

    In past players could maneuver their villages into a dead end crop supply situation. Reasons for that usually were:
    - hero resource production ended because the hero died or was reskilled
    - +25% crop bonus ended
    - destruction of crop fields, grain mill and/or bakery

    In order to keep the following sentences short, let's call "the crop production available to build or upgrade a building or resource field" .. well, let's call it "free crop".

    * Free crop equals the production of crop fields including bonuses of grain mill and bakery reduced by the number of inhabitants of the village. So neither the heros production nor the gold feature influence the free crop.

    * Oasis crop bonus does not raise free crop. It only raises the net crop income.

    * To build or upgrade a building or resource field is only possible if this would not drop the Free crop below 1 crop per hour.

    * To destoy grain mill or bakery via main building is only possible if this would not drop the Free crop below 1 crop per hour. A running destruction order of this buildings already decreases the Free crop.

    * Upgrading a crop field always increases the Free crop, that is way it may always be built.

    * The hero has a basic crop production of 6 crop per hour no matter how the skill points are set. This basic production follows the same rules as the usual hero resource production. So its added to the production of the village that the hero belongs to. But it does not increase the Free crop.
    This way the hero cannot starve anymore at home, since he supplies himself and since he is the last unit that starves.

    * A dead hero still produces 6 crop per hour.

    * When a hero is revived then his resource production starts at the same time as his crop consumption.

    * Natars AI

    * Small Natars villages:
    If an account gets deleted, there is a 10% chance that its capital becomes a small Natars village.
    When this happens all old troops and all resources in this village are deleted and all buildings and resource fields drop one level.
    The new small Natars village gets from start a random amount of Pikemen based on the crop fields in this village.
    When a player attacks a small Natars village, then on the side of the defender (the Natars) the population of the village is used to calculate the battle. On the side of the attacker (the player), the population of the account is still used.
    This also means that when a player conquers a Natars village there will probably be reduction of the levels of buildings and resource fields as well.

    * Training or building?
    Each hour the Natars decide for each village if they are going to build buildings or to train troops during next hour.
    This decision is based on the amount of attacks and raids on the Natars in relation to the attacks and raids on the whole server.

    * Natars training:
    Natars want to have a specific base crop production before they start training troops.
    Natars donít want their troops to starve (not that they could starve .. it's probably about conscience).
    Natars donít need to research troops, but they have to have the right building to train them.
    Training troops costs resources for Natars too. If there are not enough resources for planed training, then resources are taken as available and necessary and the building will be built anyway.
    The level of the troop training building influences the speed of the training, also for Natars.

    * Natars building:
    If they decided for building then there is a 50% chance that they will build/upgrade a resource field. Else, surprisingly, they will build/upgrade a building.
    If the capacity of the warehouses or granaries is not high enough for the planed building/resource field, then the capacity will be increased by building/upgrading warehouse or granary first.
    Building and upgrading buildings or resource fields costs resources for Natars too. If there are not enough resources for the planed building, then resources are taken as available and necessary and the building will be built anyway.
    Natars will upgrade their resource fields up to a maximum level of 9.
    Natars must fulfill requirements of buildings.
    If they decide to build a new building, they think about one whose requirements are already fulfilled. If they canít find one, then they will try to fulfill requirements first.
    To finish building or upgrading a building or resource field Natars need a random time but maximum 1 hour.

    * Natars walling:
    Independent of the decision to train or to build, Natars will upgrade their wall according to the rate of the attacks on the village.
    If the wall is already level 20 then the residence will be upgraded instead.
    - Carrie, retired HMH -

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    Posted March 29, 2012 on .com forum:

    Bug fixes:
    • Set flag on map, coordinates boxes now "cut" numbers, 999 => 400
    • Rally point: cancel on the "send troops" tab => favorite tab, now you stay on the "send troops" tab when cancel
    • No hero image after update => fixed
    • No HTML entities in village name. example: "&" -> "&amp ;"
    • Revive hero button now available in IE6 and IE7
    • Wrong error message shown at "revive hero" when warehouse or granary capacity is to low => fixed
    • Treasury now shows correct text of artifact activation time depending on speed (x1 = 24h, 2x = 16h, 3x = 12h)
    • Alliance forum settings for confederacies not working correct => fixed
    • Statistics: search is working correct now
    • Using "to combat simulator" in a battle report shows wrong number of troops by same tribes => fixed
    • When using a water bucket while hero is already in revive, it did not revive the hero correct => fixed
    • Destroyed village is not "deleted correct" and an attack after the destruction looses all troops => fixed
    • Merchants running 2x or 3x, now each time is checked if capacity has changed or less resources are available and only the necessary amount of merchants is used
    • If village is changed during the "send attack" action, now an error message shows, that the village has been changed
    • Reports now show correct icons for attacked reinforcements
    • Tabs with long text now shown (gold club for example)
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    - Carrie, retired HMH -

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    Posted April 11, 2012 on the .com forums:

    Bug fixes:
    • Bandages: it’s possible that bandages heal troops of the wrong player. Fixed.
    • Market (sending resources in IE9 & FF): after click on "prepare" the target village is not shown. Fixed.
    • IGM: it’s not possible to reply on task master IGMs and gold purchase confirmation IGMs any more.
    • Hero: if you have negative crop production and your hero is dead, then the message "extend crop production first" is shown. Fixed.
    • Rally point (founding new village): problem with language variable that shows the current culture points. Fixed.
    • Oases: conquering occupied oasis causes errors. Fixed.
    - Carrie, retired HMH -

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    Posted April 13, 2012 on the .com forum:

    additional update will be done today to tune the croplock system. This update is installed to all server with a WW at level above 0.

    * WW building consumption excluded from the building consumption calculated for croplock system, in the same way cropfields are excluded (you can always upgrade cropfields even if your buildings/fields consume more than your true crop income is).

    So it will be possible to upgrade WW even if the total building+field consumption in the WW village is more than true crop production from WW village cropfields + WW village grain mill + WW village bakery. WW building has heavy consumption as its levels stack consumption, so it should now be more balanced.
    - Carrie, retired HMH -

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    Posted May 17, 2012 on the .com forums:

    Bug fixes:
    • Starvation fixed
    • The players should be able to delete IGMs again even if they are on page 2, ...
    • It was possible to wear e.g. more than one helmet at the same time (same with all other items)
    • The hero was not shown as long as he was not wearing any clothes
    • A click on the swords/shields (within the village list) moved you to the favorite tab in rally point but was supposed to go to overview.
    • The report counter shows now the correct amount of reports

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    Posted June 18, 2012 on the .com forums:

    Bug fixes:
    • Auction: finished auctions are not shown. Fixed.
    • Auction: finished auctions cannot be deleted. Fixed.
    • Hero: while reviving the wrong home village to be is shown. Fixed.
    • Hero: link to station hero to other village is shown even if the target village has no rally point. Fixed.
    • Troops: the text "outgoing troops" is shown although there are none. Fixed.
    • Reports: in battles where the loyalty was decreased to 2%, the report didn't show spoiled resources. Fixed.
    • Smithy: "" shown if smithy level too low for further research. Fixed.

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    Posted July 3, 2012 on the .com forums:

    Bug fixes:
    • Hero: can't be revived if no village has a rally point or the new home village has no heroes mansion. Fixed.
    • IGM: mark for IGMs from MH or Support is missing. Fixed.
    • Trade routes: start even if there are not enough merchants. Fixed.
    • Trade routes: start even if there are no resources. Fixed.
    • Trade routes: trade route tab is still there with empty page. Fixed.
    • Sending resources: link to account profile of destination refers always to own account. Fixed.
    • Sending resources: banned account get a German internal error message "transaction konnte nicht gestartet werden". Fixed. The usual ban message is shown now.
    • Rally point: while sending settlers to found a new village "%%a2b.zu_wenig_rohstoffe]" is shown instead of "you don't have enough resources". Fixed.
    • Server time: if a 12h time format is chosen, then the server time shows always "0:00?". Fixed.
    • Ally forum: banned player can post in public threads. Fixed. The usual ban message is shown now.
    • Ally forum: post text is cut at 5000 characters. Fixed. Limit is 20000 characters.
    • Ally profile: profile can't be changed if profile tab is not the favorite tab. Fixed.
    • Building: requirements for building a bakery show grain mill level 5 in red even when grain mill level 5 exists. Fixed.
    • Building: "available soon" list doesn't show big granary or big warehouse in ww village even if they are available soon. Fixed.
    • Heroes mansion: table of own conquered oases has a thicker bottom line than the rest of the table. Fixed.

    New stuff:
    Changes in crop dead lock prevention:
    • oases count to free crop
    • crop fields may always be built/upgraded because they always increase free crop
    • grain mill and bakery may be built/upgraded if they would increase free crop
    • bakery and grain mill may be demolished (in main building) only if there is still free crop after demolishing
    • main building level 1 may always be built
    • if 6 crop fields are level 5 and the amount of free crop is less than 0, then main building, warehouse and granary may be built/upgraded to level 10

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    Posted July 16, 2012 on the .com forums:

    Bug fixes:
    • Maintenance at game start. Fixed.
    • Game goes into maintenance for no obvious reason. Fixed.
    • Troops appear from nowhere. Fixed.
    • Troops disappear from villages. Fixed.
    • Troops disappear from training queue. Fixed.
    • All auction events and all reinforcing nature troops disappear. Fixed.
    • Master builder: 2 construction orders are started at same time. Fixed.
    • Reports / battle system: spy report shows impossible data (e.g. 5000000 resources of one kind without big warehouses). Fixed.
    • Reports / battle system: tribe of attacking troops gets lost, so attack fails and report shows no troop images. Fixed.
    • Reports / battle system: "artifact not found" is shown in report when the artifact actually should have been captured. Fixed.

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    Posted July 30, 2012 on the .com forums:

    Bug fixes:
    • Rally point: if you e.g. are on page 2 of "outgoing movements" and click on "troops in this village" then you land on the "send troops" page. Fixed.
    • Market, offering resources: resources are not updated instantly after putting some on market. Fixed.
    • Market, sending resources: change of target village after preparation of the transfer is ignored. Fixed.
    • Account: it's possible to use a password that equals the account name. Fixed.
    • Auction: page "bids": if you are highest bidder the tooltip (=mouseover text) shows 0 as price per item. Fixed.

    New stuff:
    • Plus account: incomming attacks are now shown in village list even if plus account is activated after the attack was sent.

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    Posted August 3, 2012 on the .com forums:

    Bug fixes:
    • Auction: auction get stuck if account of highest bidder is deleted. Fixed.
    • Building: when changing village current tab changes to default tab. Fixed.

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    Default Silver Fraud Detection System Implemented

    Posted August 10, 2012 on the .com forums:

    An automatic system to avoid too high bids was implemented (bidding for example 100,000 Silver for one ointment will not be possible anymore). With the introduction of the new system it is only possible to place commercially available bids.
    In case the system recognizes your bid as not commercially available, it will not be accepted. This means that the maximum bid for the item does not increase without any error message.

    Or in other words, players will be unable to bid more than the "real worth" of an item. Those that try to bid more than the "real worth" of the item will not be punished or banned, but the system will simply prevent a player from being able to bid such an excessive quantity. This should prevent the movement of large quantities of silver from one account to another.
    - Carrie, retired HMH -

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    Posted August 15, 2012 on the .com forums:

    Bug fixes:
    • Trade routes: start even if there are not enough merchants. Fixed.
    • Sending resources: not possible to send resources if crop production is negative and granaries are empty. Fixed.

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    T4 Game release on September 4, 2012:

    Bug fixes:

    - treasury: activation time of artefacts in treasury is hardcoded. Fixed.

    Layout stuff:
    - heros mansion: if you have 2 oases, the text "3 oases at level 20" is not shown. Fixed.
    - rally point: founding village: if you dont have the correct distribution of resources then the NPC image is shown in a second line. Fixed.
    - hero: hero status image has no mouseover text. Fixed.
    - ingame help: fire catapults: clay costs: number after clay icon is shown in a second line under the clay icon. Fixed.
    - report list: subject is split in 2 lines too early (in case of long subjects). Fixed.
    - optional quests: left intend is too big. Fixed.

    Other stuff:
    - for accounts in deletion, all countdowns except the servertime don't work. You have to refresh the page to refresh the counter. Fixed.
    - rally point: sending troops: when attacking an oasis with catapults you can choose a catapult target. Fixed.
    - alliance forum: on page 2 and further my own posts are shown as "new". Fixed.
    - surrounding reports: village names are no links. Fixed.
    - IE6: BBcode icon popup doesnt pop up. Fixed.
    - IE6: mouseover texts width equals window width. Fixed.
    - IE6: mouseover text width is too small. Fixed.
    - IE6: it's possible to drag items under the inventory (like the free slots image covers the items image). Fixed.
    - IE6: map: context menue (right click on a map tile) is shown with errors. Fixed.

    Changed stuff:
    - top menu: instead of the crop balance the free crop is shown now. mouseover text stays as it was.
    - resource fields now show the base production of the levels, not a value that is already boosted with buildings (bakery, grain mill, iron foundry etc), oases and +25% bonus as they used to.

    Other things:
    - reports: report-type "other" ignores spy-reports. Fixed.
    - main building: parallel destruction of buildings possible. Fixed.
    - changed: registration: activation of accounts while maintenance is not possible anymore.

    Known issues:
    - some problems with IE6 still exist.
    - hero image is missing, can be corrected by a) switching an item or b) going hero's appearance editor and pressing 'save'

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    The following changes or fixes were made in the past few days on the T4 servers:
    • Hero: negative attribute points possible. Fixed.
    • Hero: images of hero are not shown after update. Fixed.
    • Earn Gold: Page shows wrong data. Fixed.
    • Female hero: issues with helmet graphics. Fixed.
    • Plus account: villages list doesn't show coordinates. Fixed.
    • Layout: slight problems with Internet Explorer 6. Fixed.
    • Market place: sending of resources is not possible. Fixed.
    • Alliance: all members don't have any rights. Fixed.
    • Battle reports: reinforcer's report shows different loss than defenders report. Fixed.
    • Battle reports - artifacts: text "artifact not found" is shown. Fixed.

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    The following changes were made in the last few days on all T4 servers:

    • Farm list sitter rights: it's possible to send raids via farm list as sitter without having the right. Fixed.
    • Buildings: You can use building functions (training troops, start celebrations, upgrade troops, etc) even though the buildings are just on level 0 and still being build. Fixed.
    • Optimization: Stats: map.sql contains old and partly wrong entries. Fixed.

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    The following changes/fixes are scheduled to be implemented on all T4 servers on October 31:

    - NPC trade: Resources can be created. Fixed.

    Player hire player (gold reference links):
    - Fixed: You can get gold from a ref link of last game round.
    - Fixed: Doesn't work for many players.
    - Fixed: Sign up time is often not transferred to main page database.
    - Changed: Recruiters don't have to open recruitment page to get recruitment gold anymore. Every 15 minutes ref accounts are checked automatically and recruiters get the gold if the requirements in the recruited account are fulfilled.
    - Changed: The option to go back to the old T3 recruitment requirements is removed from the game now.

    Starvation: Troops starve in ww villages even when enough crop was sent. Fixed.
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    The following changes/fixes were implemented on all T4 servers within the past few days:

    - The counter at top banner for new battle report amount now caps at 999. After that, it will simply show 999+. This change proved to make some real gains to the game performance.

    - Several improvements to performance, which will speed up the calculation of certain events (e.g. same village receiving huge amount of attacks from different players at the same time).

    - Several improvements to catching silver frauds, silver sellers and silver transferring accounts as well as some blocks to fight against multiaccounting and bots.

    There is also a new version of the main page which changed following:

    - The gold transfer links now require player to also input the email address to which they received that gold transfer link. This change increases the security against gold transfer links lost by players, who had a trojan or a keylogger in their computer or an unwanted forwarding set up in their email boxes that caused gold transfer links to be used by 3rd party, without player using them.

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    The following changes/fixes are scheduled to be implemented on all T4 servers on or about December 3 (Update: Change was implemented December 19):

    - Animal spawning algorithm has been rewritten. Like before, the fewer animals there are in oasis, the more vigorously more will spawn. Addition with this algorithm is, that the animals will spawn faster also depending on amount of attacks against the oasis over time. More attacks == more animals spawn.
    - Reduced amount of random 'tough' animals spawning at once.
    - Increased amount of general random animal spawning.
    - Animals spawn (even) faster at higher game speeds.

    Result: More animals, out of which less will be 'tough' animals; oasis farming will be less profitable especially in speedservers; cages got nerfed; no more flocks of 70 elephants spawning.

    It might be necessary to adjust farming lists containing oases to have more troops per attack - otherwise there will be some losses due to increased amount of animals in oases.
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    The following changes/fixes were implemented on all T4 servers within the past few days:

    Village overview (dorf1.php): incoming troops are grouped wrong and so incoming attacks are not always shown if there are "999+" incoming troop movements. Fixed.

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    - new: auction: it is not possible anymore to sell your first horse
    - new: balancing: Natars: small villages: the chance that the capital of a deleted account becomes a Natars village is changed from 10% to 20%.
    - new: balancing: oasis: when calculating if nature troops spawn in an oasis or not, besides other things the already existing troop consumption is used now instead of just the troop amount. So less animals should spawn now.
    - new: market: trade routes: are sorted by start time now.
    - new: start positions: when creating an account the first village will not be directly next to an already existing village anymore

    new: Loyalty
    - in palace/residence under 'Culture points' there is now a new overview showing how many villages you have, how many you can have, how many culture points you need for next village, how many culture points this village and your other villages produce and how many parties you are throwing
    - in palace/residence under 'Loyalty' there is a description what loyalty is for and an overview of the loyalty of your villages
    - loyalty production is corrected. In past loyalty increased about 1 minute per 3 hours too fast. Now it works correct and loyalty increases 2 * level of palace/residence within 3 hours to a maximum of 100. This maximum can still be increased by tablets of law.

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